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Waterfowl Calls

Hunting Accessories

Why Fowl Foolers Decoys?

Wood Duck Calls Flapper Motion Decoy

Improve your hunting experience with Fowl Foolers Duck Decoys which will last season after season and year after year. Fowl Foolers Decoys:


1. Ride Right in the Water. These decoys ride like real ducks in the water, front to back rather than side to side.

2. Feature Individually Attached Decoy Heads. Like real ducks, these decoys are NOT all the same. Each decoy is assembled with the head facing a slightly different direction. Click here for a video showing our extremely robust heads.

3. Look Like Real Ducks on the Water. The burlap, flat paint, and detailed paint patterns combine to bring these decoys to life.

4. Are Lightweight. Our smallest duck decoys are about 13 inches long and weigh about a pound. Our large goose decoys are about 21 inches long and weigh about two pounds. The optional weighted keels add weight and provide a self-righting feature.

5. Are American Made and Will Perform! Check 'em out now!


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